Climate and Weather Conditions - What to expect
Generally speaking, for a big part of the year NamibRand has a climate, which is very well suited for hiking.
The Tok Tokkie Trails uses the months from March to November when day temperatures are mostly comfortable and rain is an exception.
Rain is a rare gift on NamibRand and during Mai to October there is virtually no rain at all. The hottest months are December to February when also most of the rain falls. The rainy season usually lasts from November to March or April. The thunderstorms which often bring the rain create a spectacular atmosphere. After a good rain the desert transforms its colour quickly from the golden yellow to a lush green! Even the desert flowers might use the occasion for their bloom.
Winds often bring welcome refreshment from the days heat, especially in summer. Wind directions often change but the prevailing winds come from the south east. Often, you can even hear the wind approaching!
Fog which is very common in the coastal parts of the Namibia does not often occur on NamibRand as it only reaches inland that far on a few days per year
There are weather stations at Wolwedans and Keerweder which give a very detailed insight into the climate and weather of the NamibRand Nature Reserve. Since July 2009, there is also a weather station at NADEET, our immediate neighbour, which provides on-site weather information for the base of Tok Tokkie Trails, Die Duine Farmhouse (the computer linked to the weather station is not online around the clock sorry if its not available).
When planning for the Tok Tokkie Trail you should be aware that, as it is the case for almost all of Namibia, an important climatic phenomenon of the Namib is contrast. The temperature difference between day and night can be significant. During the rainy season mighty rain showers might appear and disappear quickly. So, we recommend the onion principle for your clothing during the day and the evening. During the night, our warm camp beds will keep you comfortable. During the rainy season (October, November, March, April) be prepared for an occasional rain shower. Should it rain during the night we provide you with tents.
Please also refer to the climate description in the detailed itinerary (PDF Download)
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