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Merci à toute l’équipe de Tok Tokkie Trails. La balade vaut le détours. Le paysage est somptueux et on comprend mieux la nécessite de préserver la nature. Merci.
Dominique & Didier, 2013
Thank you for a fabulous desert experience. Sebastian introduced us to the little creatures of the desert and taught us so much and showed us so much natural beauty. Belinda cooked us fabulous meals and introduced us to the beautiful Nama-Damara language & Willie was a great barman, lights attendant and transporter of our luggage. What a great couple of days. Truly wonderful experience.
Christine & David, 2013
Thank you for taking great care of all of us, a super hike, delicious food, lovely nights under the stars. Thank you!
Peter, USA, 2013
Un grand merci pour ces 2 jours magnifiques a la découverte du désert du Namib, nous avons beaucoup appris sur la nature e les insectes, merci Sébastian pour nous avoir été si bien guide ! Encoure mieux qu’un hôtel 5*, 1000* dans le ciel.
Isabelle & David, 2013
Thank you, Sebastian, Agnes and Frans, for this wonderful desert experience!!! We enjoyed every minute of it – from the delicious dinners in beautiful sunset locations to respectfully studying the Cape Cobra on alert!! And what a luxury to have a hot shower with vista and even find a hot water bottle in our bed for the cold desert night!! Really an unforgettable experience!!
Thank you! Sonja & Andrej, 2013
More than 1000 stars desert hotel and definitely an unforgettable Tok Tokkie Trail! Thanks to our wonderful guide and his great team, we have spent very good moments enjoying the desert treasures! Many thanks to all the crew for the magic moments we spent in the Namib Desert! Hope to see a leopard next time!
Nathalie & Brice, France, 2013
Thank you for those wonderful 3 days! It was absolutely fantastic – sky, sand, sun, tok-tokkies, animals, wind, stars, food, camps people, hot water bottle, really everything We’ll never forget this experience thanks to this great team! Danke!
Lea, Karin, Flo, 2013
It was really amazing to have such a close look at the Namib Desert and its inhabitants. Thank you very much , Leslie for all your informations. And it was a great experience to sleep outside, under the beautiful Namibian sky! Thank you for this wonderful time, to be so near to nature and for all the things we’ve learnt from you!
Ulrike, 2013
A beautiful environment, excellent service and a wonderful knowledgeable and helpful guide. 5 stars!
Dylan, Australia, 2013
We enjoyed 3 marvellous days exploring the NamibRand under the attentive guidance of Sebastian, the excellent culinary talents of Belinda and the final touches of Willie (Especially the hot shower :-). Thanks you all for adding this amazing experience with the wildlife and flora to our Namibia trip. Not to be forgotten!! We will be sure to recommend Tok Tokkie Trails to our friends!
Anette & Alex, 2013
Vielen Dank für dieses einmalige und wunderschöne Erlebnis bei dem ihr uns so herrlich in Eurer wundervollen Heimat empfangen habt! Es fehlen die Worte für so viel Schönheit! Danke!! Sibylle, 2013
This trail is a unique experience in my life – it makes me seeing it differently! Thanks you Sebastian, Agnes and Frans!
Gabriele, 2013
Wonderful trail, great guide, beautiful country. We had a fantastic time sleeping under the stars, enjoying sand and sun. Would love to be back for more!
Rosa & Vytas, 2013
No stars, drizzles of rain - in the desert!!??!! Who cares!! We had a fabulous trip, interesting, exciting, informative, adventurous, we felt truly a guest of Namibia. What better way to under the desert? Domingo and his team were brilliant, the food delicious, the company and hiking great fun. Thanks so much for such a fantastic time!
Marck, Virge, Deven, & Neeta, 2013
Thank you for a truly memorable trip. We enjoyed every moment. The camp facilities and meals provided with such delightful humour by Willie and Agnes were magnificent. Our “rooms with a view” will live long in our memories. NaDEET visit was a fascinating + thought-provoking way to end our trip of Tok Tokkie.
Thank you! Sandy & Tim, 2013
Wir haben uns sehr auf den Tok Tokkie Trails gefreut und wurden nicht enttäuscht. Die bezaubernde Landschaft, die Stille, die Spuren der Tiere, der Himmel – alles arg beeindruckend. Vielen Dank an Willy, Jennifer und Nico für die schöne Zeit, das leckere Essen, die waren Betten und die Antworten auf alle Fragen.
Verena & Robin, 2013
Merci pour cette magnifique balade et ces 2 nuits exceptionnelles. Et un grand merci à l’équipe qui s’est bien occupée de nous et a Nico pur toutes ses explications.
Famille Gaubert, 2013
Schon 2012 wollten wir den Tok Tokkie Trail gehen, leider hatte es nicht geklappt, aber wir sind froh, beim zweiten Namibia-Besuch diese Erfarhung gemacht zu haben. Hitze und Kaelte, Wolken und strahlender Himmel, unglaubliche Stille, wunderbare Farben, dark sky, alles sehr beeindruckend. Ohne Franz & Belinda haetten wir die eiskalten Naechte nicht ueberlebt. Ohne Sebastian haetten wir nicht wieder zurueck gefunden und so vieles ueber die Tiere und Pflanzen nicht erfahren – und nicht so viel gelacht. Danke fuer alles!
Cornelia & Peter, 2013
Sebastian and his crew were really wonderful, we enjoyed so much the peace of this Reserve, the extraordinary creatures and plants. We will remember cup of tea when waking up! Thanks a lot!
Paolo, 2013
Thank you very much for the 3 days trip. We enjoyed it very much, the nice landscape, the information about nature, the nights under the stars, the delicious food… It really was great and we will recommend the trail to tour friends,
Gabi & Ralf, Germany
It was really amazing to have such a close look at the Namib Desert and tis inhabitants. Thank you very much, Leslie for all the information. And it was a great experience to sleep outside, under beautiful Namibian sky!
Ulrike, 2013
Everything was perfect There’s nothing more to say :-). PERFECT!!! Thanks for everything you are all great!
Celine & Chris
Merci beaucoup à l’équipe de Tok Tokkie pour cette découverte de la Namibia d’une façon originale ! Un merci particulier à Sébastien un guide très intéressant et très humain !
Bonne continuation, Famille Denieil, 2013, Belgium
The best experience we ever had thanks to a great team. Everything was very well organized in awesome landscapes. I will recommend the trail for sure!
Henri, 2013
Merci beaucoup pour ce superbe trail dans le désert ! tout était agréable à vivre, à regarder et également à manger! (merci Jennifer ! miam :-). Thank you Redemputs and also thanks to Jennifer and Willie!
Camille & Ives, 2013
A real surprise to discover such an amazing place & people. Thank you so much for making the trek such an educational, culinary and visual delight
Bruce & Arnaud, 2013
Thank you so much for an amazing time – fantastic scenery, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, very interesting information about everything we saw. The stars were wonderful and we had very cosy nights with the canvas bags and hot water bottles. Sebastian knew lots and very patiently answered all of our questions. Thank you!
The Maclennan family, 2013
Outstanding family experience ! couldn’t have been better, exceeded all expectations, just FANTASTIC!! Thanks to Sebastian, Jennifer and Frans who have made this trail unforgettable! Amazing guide, delicious cooking, excellent logistics…!
The Bajet family, Belgium, 2013
Thank you for an absolutely wonderful experience! Camps were wonderful and it was magical sleeping under the full moon. Sebastian was a wonderful guide and his knowledge about his country and the environment were fantastic. Would highly recommend the experience to everyone.
Kim, Sharon, Erica, Ann, RSA, 2013
Merci pour cette merveilleuse aventure ! Thanks Sebastian, Belinda and Frans for accompanying us in this wonderful trail. Everything was just amazing and wonderful.
The Leglise family, Belgium, 2013
Thank you! Tok Tokkie Trails was my favourite part of my Namibian vacation. So beautiful – walking, sleeping and waking up in the grassy dunes :-)! I’ll never forget the sunsets, sunrises & stars in the sky… But I will leave behind the sand in my shoes. Fantastic couple of days.
John & Abbe, USA, 2013
NamibRand Nature Reserve is amazing, it was great to discover more thanks to this trek. The organization was perfect. It will remain one of the best memories of our trio to Namibia. Thank!
Christa & Stephane
Fantastic experience, great guide and amazing camps and food.
Paul, Tim & Lesley, 2013
Thank you for an absolutely wonderful experience! Camps were wonderful and it was magical sleeping under the full moon. Sebastian was a wonderful guide and his knowledge about his country and the environment were fantastic. Would highly recommend the experience to everyone.
Kim, Sharon, Erica, Ann, RSA, 2013
We have just returned from a wonderful three days on the Tok Tokkie Trail. What an amazing experience. Every aspect of the trip had been thought about and it honestly could not have been any better. We will never forget the starry skies and beautiful scenery, and Sebastian was a brilliant guide – friendly, knowledgeable and great fun. Thank to everyone for making our trio so special.
Matt & Celia, 2013
This was ab exceptionally good ‘safari” - better than the Game Reserves in South Africa.! Very professional, very friendly and fascinating. We owe Sebastian, Willie and Belinda a massive ‘thanks”!
Ian & Elaine, Scotland, 2013
Merci beaucoup Sébastian pour cet immense moment dans cette merveilleuse nature. Expérience inoubliable!
Naud et Damien, 2013
Brilliant experience + fantastic memories.
Ann + Steve Toon, 2013
Thanks a lot. What an amazing walk! We will never forget it!
Virginie & Alex
Great trip, awesome guides, fantastic service. Highly recommended!
Christina + Hilmar, 2013
Up to now, I only so such landscapes in movie pictures! I never thought I could see them for real. Thank you to Sebastian, Elizabeth, Jawnesty and Frans for making us discover your marvellous company with kindness and passion. I’ll never forget it.
Thibault & Thierry, France, 2013
The best way to start into Namibia & enjoy the desert!
Dankie, Anja & Alex
Thank you so much Sebastian for a fantastic experience on the Tok Tokkie Trail. We learnt so much but also laughed a lot! It was a very special couple of days!
Susanne + Stuart, 2013
What a great experience! We‘ll tell everybody to come to Namibia & do the Tok Tokkie Trail. Thank you Sebastian and the rest of the team for making our honeymoon even better!!!
Jim & Joan, Belgium, 2013
Auch wenn es tagsueber heisser ist als in den Schweizer Bergen – abends mit einem kuehlen Bier in der Hand die einnachtende Landschaft zu geniessen, ist unschlagbar.
Francois & Judith, Switzerland, 2013
Merci pour cette expérience magique! Merci Sébastian pour nous avoir fait découvrir ce paysage… toujours avec le sourire. Merci pour l’équipe qui s’est très bien occupe de nous pendant des 2 jours.
Eric, Sabina & Camille, 2013
It was a wonderful trip, unforgettable impressions. I learnt so much about nature, animals, plants. Thank you!
Andrea, 2013
Ein Teil von uns wird in Namibia bleiben! Vielen Dank an die ganze Mannschaft. Wir werden die schoene Zeit niemals vergessen!
Elisabeth und Winfried. 25 November 2012
Eingetaucht in die Wueste Namibias erlebten wir zweieinhalb unvergessliche Tag emit viel rotem Sand, Regentropfen, viele Tiere, vielschichtige Eindruecke, exzellentem Service (speziell die Waermflaschen zu erwaehnen). Schweren Herzens verlassen wir dieses herrliche Stueck Erde. Alles Gute.
Silke und Johannes, 23 November 2012
Un moment extraordinaire dans notre vie passé en votre compagnie. Merci pour tour et a tous. Deux jours inoubliables.
Gisele & Daniel
Empty spaces, natural plains.. a three day trek through the essence of life, where life struggles for survivals. Where the most important outstands: Magical scenery, meditation, dreams… Thank you very much to Orlando, for the perfect guidance and for explanations on everything about the desert, the stars and beyond.
Nathalie and Pascal, Switzerland 06 November 2012
Einmalig schoen!! Wunderbares Essen von Mama, Sebastian wusste alles ueber Fauna, Sterne, eine sehr schoene Reise.
Irene, Switzerland, 22 October 2012
Absolutely amazing trip! One of the best things we have ever done. The highlight is definitely the team lead by Redemptus- an amazing guide. Thanks so much for the wonderful time.
Werner and Patrice, Switzerland, 22 September 2012
Vielen Dank fuer dieses einmalige Erlebnis. Unsere Erwartungen wurden bei weitem uebertroffen. Unser Guide Redemptus konnte uns so vieles ueber die Natur und die Wueste im Besonderen erklaeren. Es war uns seine grosse Freude, dass er und Belinda abends im Lager die Nationalhymne Namibias gesungen haben.
Katharina und Clemens, September 2012
We enjoyed this trail very much, it was fantastic! The landscapes were just amazing and the desert camps were just luxurious and comfortable. Thank you very much to Redemptus and to the logistic team, the meal was just delicious! Bye.
Rouzeau, France 06 August 2012
Difficile de trouver les mots juste pour décrier cette extraordinaire expérience. Tout simplement MAGIQUE! Une mention spécial pour notre guide Domingo qui a su nous faire partager sa passion pour ce désert fabuleux.
Noelle et Vincent, France 09 August 2012
Dear TokTokkie Team, thanks for a wonderful three days in the beautiful Namib! Spectacular nature, good company, great food and the best open air beds ever!!! An unforgettable experience. Thanks for all.
Christine, Peter, Max and Fabrice, August 2012
Cher Tok Tokkie Team, grâce à vous nous avons eu l’occasion de voir les plus beaux panoramas du monde. C’est un reel privilege. En voyant le lever du soleil le matin en sortant de la tente ‘ avais les larmes aux yeux: tout de beaute! Preservez cette nature pour vos enfants et pour le monde. Merci.
Sabrina et Teddy, Bruxelles, July 2012
Tok Tokkie Trails: That was awesome! We saw lots of things. It was a great experience – we found a snake, 2 chameleons, a scorpion, a white lady spider, a sun spider, hawks, mice, lizards, springbok, oryx, steenbok and sociable weavers. We hiked with other people from other countries – Italy and Germany. We had lots of und!! We had a great time in a bucket shower and under the stars. Thanks to Nico and the Tok Tokkie Tream – you guys rock!
Alice, Anke, Francesca, Dario, Eileen, July 2012
What a fantastic experience! Geweldig mooi! Nico was our dedicated guide and companion. It was a privilege to walk the Tok Tokkie Trail. The wind and light playing over dye dunes, the stars, we will never forget. The “desert” is surprisingly alive. We saw oryx, kudu, klipspringer, springbok, many birds and raptors, lizards and beetles. We will recommend this experience to our friends/ outdoor enthusiasts, and are very pleased Namibia is taking great care to conserve its natural beauty.
Cornelius and Eveline, The Netherlands, 18 June 2012
Dear Tok Tokkie Trails Team, it is nearly impossible to describe at the moment in words all the deep impressions we got from you and your unforgettable beautiful nature during the last 3 days. All we can tell now you is that we will keep you, every moment and every picture of these 3 Tok Tokkie Trails days deep in our hearts also when we will be back in Switzerland. We may say you many many thanks for everything you gave us in your friendly, kind way and wish your for your important work and life and your unique, splendid landscape and nature all the best. Take care of it also further on. We say good bye with a thick tear of joy. Thank you very much, we will come back!
Susi and Urs, Switzerland, 04 June 2012
“Great trip, great guide, great company. Fascinating Flora and Fauna despite not seeing the leopard!
Rozanne and Richard, 02 May 2012
It was a great experience in the desert! I love using the shower with that view and the nights under the stars were great! Thank you very much!!!
Muriel and Rahel, Switzerland, 06 May 2012
Superbe experience! Très beau paysages, nuits a la belle étoile et délicieux cuisine. Ce séjour n’aurait pas été si bien sans notre guide Nico qui etait tres interessant et passionne! Merci aussi a Agnes et Franz pour leur tres bon acceuil! Bref, tout etait super!
Emilie, France, 30 April 2012
Die Hitze der Wueste, die Weite der Landschaft und die Unendlichkeit des Kosmos und zwischen ueberall unerwartetes Leben. Ein unvergessliches Erlebnis.
Alex und Kathrin, Susanne und Jorgun 03 April 2012
Licht und Farbenspiel am Tag, inder Nachte die Sterne zum Greifen nah – Eindruecke fuer ein ganzes Leben. Aber auch gewonnene Einblicke in ein faszinierendes Okosystem bereichern uns. Danke fuer diese schoenen Erinnerungen!
Michaela und Bernhardt, Daniel und Nina, 21 March 2012
Kei Eios! From the amazing scenery down to the smallest animals, everything was fantastic. This was our 2nd Tok Tokkie Trail and hopefully not our last…
Nicoletta & Udo, March 2012
From the amazing scenery down to the smallest animals, everything was fantastic. This was our 2nd TokTokkie Trail and hopefully not our last…
Nicoletta and Udo from Germany, 19 March 2012
Stunning and amazing are two of the words we kept repeating during these three days: stunning landscapes, constantly changing as we played hide-and-seek with the rain (which we always escaped), excellent service and so many little things we learned about the desert made it an unforgettable experience. Thanks for the sparkling wine on the dune!
Thibault, 9 February 2012
“Fantastic experience: stunning sceneries, fascinating nature stories, 5star service and food, simply unforgettable…legendary!”
Anaelle, 9 February 2012
Wow! Had an amazing time. I was nervous initially but quickly felt very comfortable and absolutely enjoyed the trip!! Little creatures are fascinating – we have seen and learnt so much. Thoroughly enjoyed the trip including the five million star hotel and shower with a view. Thanks Domingo, a lovely three days. Would do it all again tomorrow.
25 November 2011, Stuart and Barbara
Tok Tokkie Trails will be on my mind forever in rainy Belgium J. NamibRand is the most beautiful place as well during the hot day-times as during the nights full of stars. The landscapes, the little and big animals, the lodging, the food… There are no words to describe them!! Domingo was a wonderful guide and also Belinda and Frans took very good care of us, THANKS to all of you so very much and we hope to see you once again!!!
18 November 2011, Hilde, Belgium
Many thanks for opening our eyes for this wonderful new world of the Namib. All those animals, footprints, plants and Kalahari Brad we were able to get to know. Thank you for your patience with Thomas taking all those pictures and answering all of Nicole’s questions. It is my first time to Namibia, but since here I did finally and forever fall in love with Africa. Many, many, many thanks. Please keep on like that and never stop.
16 November 2011, Nicole and Thomas, Germany
What a fantastic experience! The arid landscapes, deafening silence and wide open spaces make for an incredible Tok Tokkie Trails experience. Domingo’s superb knowledge and easy going nature brought the dunes to life and ensured we were always enthralled by this incredible environment. Jawnesty and Frans provided the perfect back up with delicious food in the desert and quick smiles. Many thanks to all three of you for truly wonderful 3 days and 2 magical nights under the stars.
10 November 2011, Steve and Katherine, South Africa
Was fuer ein Erlebnis!!! Nach zwei Stunden Warten mit Schweinegrunzen im Hintergrund (Frank hoerte den Springbock auf der Weide J )ging’s los! Ein kurzer Walk auf dem wir schon einiges ueber die Wueste lernen konnten ins erste Camp. Hier sammelten wir Erfahrungen mit eimerdusche und Feldbetten, wurden gut verpflegt und schliefen mehr oder weniger gut wegen komischer Wuestengeraeusche. Ein weiterer Tag mit Oryx, Springbok, Tok Tokkie Kaefer und entertainment Group in der Mittagspause, dann erreichten wir das zweite Camp. Gleiches Programm wie tags zuvor und nach Monduntergang ein grandioser Sternenhimmel „Milkyway“! Unser Guide Domingo baute mit usn Sonnenuhr, erklaerte uns Afrika und lernte mit uns Deutsch. Vielen dank fuer die 2 tollen erlebnisreichen Tage ohne „Hummeldumm“ J.
08 November 2011, Sandra, Florian
We thoroughly enjoyed the 3 unforgettable days in the Namib Desert (and, of course, 2 heavenly nights under a fantastic blanket of sparkling stars!). Thanks to our wonderful and extremely experienced guide Domingo, who showed us the secrets of the desert and thanks also to Frans and Jawnesty. Who really made us feel at home in the desert with superb pumpkin soup and hot water bottles in our sleeping rolls!
30 October 2011, Martina and Andreas, Bernd and Marion
I was really impressed by the sound of silence! It was an amazing experience not to be missed!! Domingo was a great guide and I appreciated the support of Frans and Laina. Vielen Dank fuer alles!
28 October 2011, Eva, Luxembourg
Yes, we loved it! Very informative and still fun J. Always little surprises on the way. We enjoyed it very much. Sleeping under the stars was just amazing. Can surely recommend it to anybody! Thank you to you all!
05 October 2011, Ute and Kevin
Une expérience magique pour notre honey moon ! Incroyable et magnifique ! Les paysages ont tous plus extraordinaires les uns que les autres ! Merci beaucoup !
23 September 2011, Aurélie and Lionel
Weg von allen Autos, Hanys und vom Internet zurueck zu den wesentlichen Dingen: Essen, trinken, schlafen und gute Gespraeche. Danke auch unseren Guide Domingo. Er hat uns die Natur naeher gebracht. Ein wunderbares Naturerlebnis. Liebe Gruesse
12 September 2011, Christina, Hans
Den Einstieg ins Tok Tokkie Land haben wir intesiv erlebt, fast haette die Erde gebebt. Emotionsgeladen sind wir in diesen Tagen durch die Namib geschritten, fast ist und die zeit entglitten, haben ein Chamaeleon gesehen, die White Lady & auch eine Schlange, so mancehm von uns war dabei ein wenig bange. Vielen Dank fuer die schoenen Stunden, auch das Essen tat uns gut munden. Viel zu schnell verging die Zeit, doch wir sind nun fuer neue Abenteuer bereit!
08 September 2011, Baerbl, Gabi, Michael, Helga, Manfred, Christa, Leopold, Karin
There is a lot to say about our experience at Tok Tokkie: the beauty of the scenery, the diversity of the animals, the bushmen tricks to get by in this environment, the wonderful food, the warm and comfortable beds, the sunsets, the sunrises,… This was pure happiness and we truly enjoyed spending two days with Nico, Jawnesty and Hendrik. Thank you , thank you, thank you!!!
25 August 2011, The Pirson family
What to say about this incredible experience – it makes one feel humble ! The far views, the blanket of stars and explanations about the Southern Cross and Antares, amongst others. The silence. The wind. The desolate surroundings. This is one thing I will never forget. Many thanks to the guide and may nature survive mankind.
24 August 2011, Daan and Rob
Un grand merci a Mike, Jawnesty and Franz pour les 3 jours passes ensemble. Tout était parfait : l’accueil, l’organisation, les commentaires… Et on se rappellera longtemps des coucheurs de soleil que l’on a admiré assis au milieu des dunes. Et félicitations pour le Nadeet Centre = c’est une très belle initiative ! Thanks for all !
11 August 2011, Dimitrie et Maude
Grazie a Domingo e a tutto lo staff del Tok Tokkie Trails per averci accompagnati in questo magnifica avventura a contatto con il meraviglioso mondo del deserto del Namib!
10 August 2011, Valerie, Gianmaria, Alice
What a unique experience! I’ll always remember sleeping under the stars in the oldest desert in the world. Fantastic guide & staff made everything very special. Thank you! We hope to be back some day.
09 August 2011, Sarah & Joe, Cape Town, South Africa
Thank you for this wonderful experience! Sceneries are so beautiful. It is so good to enjoy silence of desert, to wake up with the sun. We feel so close to the nature. Thank you very much to Mike who gave us so interesting explanations about the desert with so much kindness. Thanks for everything!
8 August 2011, Family Nerinx, Belgium
Tok Tokkie Trails: Wir haben durch Zufall davon erfahren J. Es war eine tolle Erfahrung: Das Wandern durch die Duenen, die kleinen und grossen Tiere und ihre Footprints! Und nicht zu vergessen die Sonnenauf- und untergaenge, fantastisch! Es hat sich gelohnt, Danke. Viele Gruesse
17 July 2011, Angela und Friedrich
Excellente randonnée, les nuits étoilées sont superbes et la cuisine est très bonne, je recommande vraiment aux autres visiteurs le trail de 3 jours et 2 nutis, c’est juste parfait.
09 July 2011, Raphael
Nous avons passe un fabuleux moment en pleine nature avec un guide très sympa et bien forme. La cuisine était très bonne ! Un énorme merci pour cette magnifique expérience.
04 July 2011, Delphine, Belgique
Absolutely fantastic trail. Wonderful views, fabulous camps. We are proud to have survived a freezing night and very windy conditions in the Namib Desert. Thanks for a wonderful organization and a guide who knows it all!
25 June 2011, Henrie
Wir haben eine sehr interessante mit vielen neuen Eindruecken und Informationen geufellte Wuestenwanderung genossen. Mike erklaerte und zeigte uns die unterschiedlichsten Tiere, Faehrten, Pflanzen, Sterne und Blickwinkel in der Wueste. Nach dem Abendessen und dem Rotwein in Fleece und Wolldecke gehuellt waren die heissen Waermflaschen im Schlafsack eine ganz tolle Ueberraschung.
18 June 2011, Karten, Uschi, Ralf, Bert
It was the best decision to come here and do the Tok Tokkie Trail! We had a Wonderful time with Domingo, Hendrik & Laina – Thanks to everybody for Giving us this great experience! It was just fantastic!
10 June 2011, Karin and Tom
Super bon moment partage avec and guide super intéressant et son équipe très professionnelle et attentive a tous les moments. A conseiller. Merci encore.
27 May 2011, Monique et Tomas
The Seven Dwarfs from Holland thank Sebastian and his crew for a lovely experience in the Namib Desert. The organization should be called Talk Talkie Trails: we were given super information on everything we saw and asked for. Staff was extremely kind and gave us super service! Thanks!
11 May 2011, Doost, The Netherlands
Quelle Aventure!! Merci pour ces deux jours hors de temps, dans le silence du désert... vert !! Un grand merci a Domingo pour ses connaissances et sa gentillesse… Un merveilleux souvenir pour nous tous.
23 April 2011, Philippe, Laurence, Daniel, jacqueline, Sabine et Catherine, France
Wir sind begeistert – ein unerwarteter 1. Abend mit Regen und 2 herrliche Wandertage durch die grossartige Landschaft. Domingo hat uns sehr viel lehrreiches gezeigt und uns grossartig gefuehrt. Lager und vor allem das Essen sehr lecker! Wir werden euch weiterempfehlen!
16 April 2011, Eva und Stefan
Too short!! Very nice experience with marvellous staff and guide. Thanks a lot for those moments. We will be back.
11 April 2011, Sonia and Florian, France
It was a special and amazing experience to see the Namib Desert in full bloom – vibrant colours everywhere! Domingo was very informative and his insights on the wildlife provided us with a real education. Frans and Laina were excellent support – yummy food, hot showers and cold beer!
4 April 2011, Scott and Naomi, Australia
What a wonderful way to experience the desert a little instead of just driving through. Domingo was an excellent and very knowledgeable guide and Frans and Belinda made everything so comfortable. Many thanks to all!
29 March 2011, John and Kathryn
Thanks for a wonderful experience in the Namib Desert ! Thanks to Frans and Belinda for looking after us at the camps and may thanks to Domingo for showing us all the small wonders of the desert! The peace and calm of these days will (hopefully) stay with us for a long time.
21 March 2011, Barbara and Bernhard
We had a great adventure the last two days. The perfect guide and the friendly and nice staff had given us the good feeling to be welcome here at Tok Tokkie. We learned so much about the desert. It was a really a pleasure to be here! Thank you very much.
15 February 2011, Kristin & Benjamin
What a spectacular experience! Thanks to Agnes for the tasty meals! Thanks to Franz for providing a wonderful “room with a view” – plus shower, warm water, etc. Thanks to Nico for being a wonderful, patient guide, full of interesting information – never tired to explore and motivate!! We even go tea/ coffee served in bed!! We’ll never forget this sky of stars – even saw “falling stars”!!
25/11/2010, Ursula and Andrea, Switzerland
Besten Dank an Domingo fur den schoenen Tripp, die Naechte unter der Mlilchstrasse waren gigantisch…
Christian, Switzerland, 13 September 2010
OKUHEPA Domingo for the beautiful desert experience. The knowledgeable guide and most amazing landscapes of Africa, we’ll go back north with beautiful memories and we we’ll find one way back to the amazing Namib desert. Thank you to all Tok Tokkie staff. Until we see you again!!!
Mr. & Ms. Robine, 11 November 2010
What a spectacular experience! Thanks to Agnes for the tasty meals! Thanks to Frans for providing a wonderful rooms with a view, shower and warm water. Thanks to Nico for being a wonderful patient guide, full of interesting information - never tired to explore and motivate. We even got morning coffee in bed!! We’ll never forget this sky of stars and saw falling stars.
Mrs. & Mr. Pecenoni, Switzerland, 25 November 2010
Une énorme MERCI pour ce fabuleux Tok Tokkie Trail ! Domingo, tu as été formidable avec toutes tes connaissances que tu as su nous faire partager. Belinda, Hans, merci pour les succulents dinées et la très bonne organisation des camps du désert.
Marlene & Julien
An unforgettable experience for the whole family in the “5 million stars - hotel”. It was perfectly organized and our expectations were continuously exceeded, with all different kind of positive surprises! Domingo is a most outstanding guide, highly knowledgeable and always kind. We so much enjoyed Laina’s delicious cooking and benefitted from Franz’ organization. Sincere thanks to them all and the whole Tok Tokkie Team!
The Bauer family
An amazing experience in the nature of Namibia. A big thank you to our professional and all questions-answering guide! Also amazing how the food in the middle of the nature can be that “lekker”. Thank you very much for this experience we will never forget!
Stephane & Valerien, 27 July 2010
What an enjoyable and amazing expedition in which we discovered and learnt a lot of things about insects, animals and natu4re in general. A big thanks to all the Tok Tokkie team who shared with us their incredible knowledge. We hope we could com e back one day and we will make a lot of good advertisement. Encore merci!
Lucie & Géraud
What an amazing start to our Namibian tour! We were enthralled by the scenery and the extensive knowledge of our guide, who brought the desert alive for us. Two nights sleeping under the stars made us fell part of this incredible landscape.
Elizabeth & Peter, 18 May 2010
A wonderful desert experience. None of our friends will believe we actually slept “under the stars”. Thank you for making this possible!
David & Dorothy, 15 May 2010
Dear Tok Tokkie folk, Thanks for your care and attention. Domingo, you’re a great teacher about the desert! I won’t forget the wonderful bush shower, sunrise tea and your warm humor or the 6 x 6 of the Namib! Thank you.
Elaine, 15 April 2010
Wow! It's difficult to put this experience in words, but I can honestly say that it was one of my best trips in Namibia (and I do a lot!).
Marita, 15 April 2010
We do not know when the last time was that we did not have a roof over our head for 48 hours. It was a wonderful experience! Thank you to the whole team.
Andreas & Jennifer, 04 – 06 April 2010
What an excellent experience!! The Chameleons (daddy & all the babies), the Tok Tokkies, the little dung beatles trying very hard to build/excavate a hole, the golden mole & horned adder… all wonderful creatures to see up close. The only thing that almost scared us to death were the crickets - alien species from one of the 200 billion stars in the glorious night sky… Thank you all for a wonderful experience - we will definitely recommend it to everyone we know!! An awesome honeymoon activity!!
Brian & Vanessa, 03 March 2009
A very nice trail in the wilderness! Great to see that there is so much life in the desert. A unique view of the moon and the stars, great sleeping out on comfortable beds. A lot of luxury in the middle of the desert indeed!
Quentin, 14 November 2008
Thank you for this magnificent trail in the middle of nowhere. It looked like we were alone on this planet = an extraordinary feeling. We particularly enjoyed the shower in the middle of the savannah!!! Keep on changing the world with the children and the Nadeet centre!
Aachus & Bertrand, 12 November 2008
The trail changed our view of the desert, we learned a lot. Unforgettable living in the nature during 2 days. Thanks to a fine group, fine team and fantastic guide.
Bernand & Hilde, 16 October 2008
A wonderful trip in amazing landscape. Many thanks to the whole Tok Tokkie Team. The camp was great (we loved the cup of coffee when we woke up) We will always remember Tok Tokkie Trails!
Laetitia & Philippe, 21 September 2008
This has been an experience to cherish - the vast views and silence, dunes to climb, dunes in the shoes. Alpha Centauri in the early morning, insect trails in the early morning sun, beautiful grasses and Ostrich grass. The most vicious ever, an amazing array of plants left over from summer rains, excellent food and coffee service to the bedside (!) - for all this and much more thank you.
Sally, 09 September 2008
A very enjoyable experience, much better than expected. Scenery shinning, food very good, company most enjoyable. A knowledgeable guide. Thanks!
Elistair & Barbara, 17 August 2008
Tok Tokkie Trails made us see African nature in a different way, more friendly, more alive, more true. We realized al well that the stars touch the land, the horizon line. That's only when humans let nature live without trying to tame it. Experience of a life time!
Vanina & Kids, 13 August 2008
Thanks for this incredible moment!!! It was a great trek with great food, great place to have a rest and great people (very friendly). We will remember this beautiful moment during a long time… Thanks to the guide for his friendship and his professionalism. Thanks for all.
Solene & Jean Baptiste, 06 August 2008
Dear Tok Tokkie family. It was just perfectly perfect. No more words are necessary. Thank you! Sophie, 05 August 2008
I came to Namibia to see the real Africa. The Savannas, the yellow gras, the trees which are so like for Africa and off course the wild animals. If you see pictures in the travel magazines, you think, I will never see them like there. What I have seen here is more than countless times better than pictures. All information and service the Tok Tokkie team gave us make this trip unforgettable. Thank you for everything!
Thomas, 12 July 2008
Thank you for beautiful night stars and red sand in my shoes.
Syska, 24 June 2008
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